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Ebooks revistas descarga gratuita PHARMACEUTICAL MICROBIOLOGY


Pharmaceutical Microbiology is an applied branch of Microbiology which deals with the study of microorganisms associated with manufacturing and quality control of pharmaceutical products. The present book “Pharmaceutical Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual” meets the syllabus designed by the Pharmacy Council of India and is written with a holistic approach encompassing various topics of Experimental Pharmaceutical Microbiology. This manual covers nearly 50 experiments based on General and Pharmaceutical Microbiology which would serve as a guide to B-Pharmacy students of all the Indian Universities. The main aim of writing this book is to cover theoretical and experimental parts of all the topics included in the curriculum for Experimental Pharmaceutical Microbiology given in the revised syllabus of B.Pharm students. The various concepts and phenomenon have been explained in simple terms with the help of appropriate diagrams. The experimental methods are tailor made to meet the modest facilities available in many of the colleges and universities within the country.

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